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The Reluctant Fundamentalists

Pop sensation and now an established actor Ali Zafar has finally made it to the international film Market. He has auditioned for Mira Nasir’s film ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalists’.
The film is the adaptation of Mohsin Hamid’s bestselling novel. The film wil be produced in a Hollywood studio and will be shot in English. If Zafar gets confirmed for the role, the film will prove turning point in his career.
The interesting thing is that Ali Zafar has again linked with a film based on post 9/11 events and problems, first one being ‘Khuda Kay Liye’.
Everyone dreams of acting in Hollywood. For Ali the dream is just a nod away. Who knows he may impress Steven Spielberg for his next project.

Sana's Comeback to Silver Screen

Where other Lollywood stars including Meera, Afzal Khan, Sahiba and Saleem Shiekh are heading towards small screen, Sana is the newest addition to this list.
The model cum actress Sana, who tied the martial knot with Fakhar Imam, has also opted to work in television productions.
“There aren’t many films being made these days, but I’m working on the several TV productions. I have no plan to go for the cheap Punjabi flicks that our film industry is churning out these days. I love working in films but things are not good these days,” she confided to a friend.
But it is not all over for Sana in the film industry. Grapevine revealed that her best friend Javed Shiekh is working on a film project, which he is expected to announce shortly. Of course Sheikh Jee will not give that lead female role to any other actress. She will again shine on the silver screen thanks to old connections.

Kiran Aman

Recently the jewelry connoisseurs of Pakistan have been treated to rare artistic sight – display of some of the exquisite jewelry by Kiran Aman under her concept jewelry store of Kiran Fine jewelry. Truly multi-talented, Kiran has enthralled her audiences with her aesthetic designs.
Kiran has also won the celebrated Nesvita Women Strength award for the best jewelry designer of 2009, among others to add to the all round claim that her outstanding creations have already been winning from consumers. She also presented her jewelry collection entitled “REVICED” at 2007 Citigold Lux Style Awards.
Apart from jewllery designing, her other collaboration has been with her friend Khadija Malik Hassan with whom Kiran founded her company SStill Waters Productions, Still Waters Pepal and later this year, Still Water Pearls.

Lahore Bridal Couture Week 2010

The first Bridal Couture Week was held recently. The show was attended by the who’s who of the country on aplomb and was organized by J & S.

Fiza's New Line

Renowned model and actress Fiza Ali recently showcased her collection at World Fashion Café where people from all walks of life attended the red carpet event.

Fashion for Charity

Laal recently held a fund raising event for flood relief at World Fashion Café which featured fashion shows by Yellow and Uzma Rao complimented by makeup of The Square

Fashion District Lahore

Sadia & Asad Alam recently opened up “Fashion District Lahore” where multiple desighners like Zarmina, Monica Paracha, Ahsan Nazir, Sophia Butt, Maliha Haris, Saadia Asad, Teena by Hina Butt, Milli Madeeha, Basic Lines, Rukhsana Nadeem etc stocked their racks. The event coordination was handled by Bilal Mukhtar Events & PR.

Couture Week Blunders

The first Bridal Couture Week at the Royal Pal Golf and Country Club in Lahore was not a disaster but it left lot to be desired for. It was evident that the organizers had not done their homework properly. The first blunder was that it was held on the rooftop in this chilly weather. A lot of visitors left after the first halves on everyday. Those braving the cold had to pay heavy price. A number of fashion lovers had fever and cold. When the week closed many were in bed due to fever. Pity the models had to wear those skimpy clothes on the ramp in the cold weather.

Marriages Pakistani Actors and Actresses

Many notable Pakistani actors married with their relevant field actresses in history of Pakistani Showbiz.
Some famous showbiz marriages and their pictures are showed in this post;
Khushboo and Arbaz
Humaira Arshad and Ahmad Butt
Javeria and Saud
Noman and Arooj Nasir
Sahiba and John Rainbow
Syed Noor and Saima
Naghma and Habib
Robina Qureshi and Mustafa Qureshi
Neir Sultana and Darpan
Ajaz and Noor Jahan (Malika Taranum)
Santosh and Sabiha Khanum

Mohmmad Ali and Zeba

Juggan Kazim

“Inner Beauty and trust makes a woman beautiful.”
“First of all, I am mother and then anything else.” Said Juggan Kazim.
International qualified in informative media and sociology Juggan Kazim is considered as a successful personality due to her 10 year experience in showbiz field in Pakistan and Canada. Juggan Kazim showed her performance in theater of Canada and Pakistan and in many commercials. She got success in all above performances. Her popular dramas are Man-o-Salwa, Wasal, Piyasi and Kaghaz Ki Now.
She also performed in music video of Shahzad Roy, Jal and Mekal Hassan bands. As well as she also performed in films. Juggan Kazim is also a model and has performed in many Pakistani television channels’ talk show programs as a host. Juggan did her first commercial in the age of four years and her first commercial drama in the age of 14.
Juggan Kazim started modeling and acting in Toronto, Canada; where a Canadian Modeling agency introduced her as a model.
Recently she has completed three drama serials and still working in one serial.
Behind this, Juggan Kazim is acting in three films.
Garner selected her as ambassador of Pakistan.
Juggan Kazim has desire to make her own production house. Juggan Kazim told in talk with Nawa-e-Waqt, summary is given below;
Juggan Kazim belongs to Pakistan’s 2nd largest city, Lahore.
Her date of birth is 7th January and star is Capricorn.
She got education from Kids Campus Lahore Grammar High School, Kinnaird College and then University of Western Ontario.
She was a well swimmer in student life and had keen to play cricket and badminton.
She lived in Canada for seven years and worked hard in acting and modeling.
Muzzafar Magni contacted her from Red Communication and she was surprised when World’s largest hair and skin brand selected her as Pakistani ambassador.
She did modeling in commercials, acting in films and dramas and hosting in many TV programs. All these experiences made her famous. Still she is working in these fields and people are appreciating her work.
She is the mother of a son named Hamza and she says, she cannot compromise with the care of his son.
Women should come out and understand their problems as women population of Pakistan is 51 %.


Atiqa Odho

Atiqa Odho is a Pakistani TV and Film actress, host and businesswoman. She introduced many cosmetics brands.
Atiqa Odho was born in Karachi on 12th February 1968. She is mother of 3 children. She started her career as a makeup artist in Karachi. Later she started acting. She also has performed in many films popular of which are Mujhe Chaand Chahiye, mummy and Jo Dar Gia Wo Mar Gia , drama serials, telefilms and and soaps.
Atiqa Odho is also an ambassador of many local companies. She is also linked with breast cancer awareness campaign.
She worked in following films;
  1. Jo Darr Gya Woh Marr Gya
  2. Mummy
  3. Mujhe Chand Chahiye
Television Drama Serials

  • Aaks 1991 / PTV
  • Talaash 1992 / PTV
  • Zikar Hay Kayi Saal Ka 1996 / PTV
  • Tu Laak Chalay Re Gorey 2001 / PTV
  • Aab Yaha Koi Nahi Aye Ga 2002/ Indus Vision
  • Baykhabri 2003 / Indus Vision
  • Marium 2004 / Indus Vision
  • Tum Intezar Karna 2007 / Aaj TV
  • Chalo Phir Se Jee Lain 2008 / Ary Digital
Television serials:
  • Sitara Aur Mehrunissa….1992
  • Dasht….1990
  • Nijat….1993
  • Angaarvadi….1994
  • Junoon….1996
  • Tum Hee To Ho….1999
  • Aan….2001
  • Kirchiyan….2002
  • Cahahtain….2003
  • Harjai….2004
  • Karishmay….2007
  • Nasl….2003
  • Atiqa O….2008
  • Hum Tum….2010

Maria Wasti Pakistani Actress

Maria Wasti is a Pakistani actress, Producer, model and director. She was born in 14th August 1971. She was born in Tanzania. She came in filed of acting by chance whereas; her parents wanted her to become a doctor. But she studied business management.
Maria Wasti began her career from the government owned TV channel of Pakistan named Pakistan Television (PTV).
Famous performances of Maria Wasti are:
Aashiyaana, Moorat, Sarah Aur Ammara, Boota from Toba Tek Singh, Neend, Baadlon Par Basera, Kaali Aankhain, Dharkan, Ahsaas, Buri Aurat, Kuch Dil Ne Kaha, Barish Kay Ansoo, Sheeshay Ka Mehal, Tere Liye, Tujh Pe Qurban, Aangan Bhar Chandni, Kuch Anokhi Baatain, Riyasat, Diya Jalay, Khandaan, Aey Ishq Hamain Barbad Na Ker, Woh Chaar, Love Kay Liye, Thori door Saath Chalo, Jab Hatheli Per Chand Likhna, Kallo, Parinda, Ae Bhai Zara Dekh Kay, Lunch with Lubna and Mama I Love You

Acting is like an ocean. To measure its depth, many artists vanish as darkness of unpopular. To keep the popularity among fans of artist is really a hard task, due to competent environment of showbiz. Very few artists have been successful in retaining the graph of popularity. One at times some artists ruled the showbiz for many decades. Up till now, many artists are keeping them popular for years. One name in this includes Maria Wasti. Maria Wasti is very intelligent and versatile actress. Many times she has received awards. She got opportunity to show her abilities in sensitive titles of women. She was born in African country Tanzania. Tele film ‘Sara Aur Ammara’ and ‘Raam Chand Pakistani’ is considered as back bone in her career. Both of these dramas show her talent. We talked to Maria Wasti about her profession as well as personal life which are written here for our viewers.
Maria Wasti Interview:
Beginning the talk Maria Wasti says; “I am very busy actress now a day. There is no truth about my hiding from showbiz. Due to work, I hardly get chance to work at a single place. Perhaps this is the reason people think I am out of screen. Now a day, I am working in many soaps and opera in private TV channels, which includes ‘Buri Aurat, Tujh par Qurban, An Kahi Batain, Hatheli Pe Chand and Barish ki Arzoo.’

I inaugurated my personal production house in 2002. By this, I have produced many drama serials and sitcoms which includes ‘Hatheli pe Chand and Boom Boom’. To control a production house is not a piece of cake you have to keep an eye on both inside and outside of production matters. Producer is also important because many families depend on producer. Everyone keep the eye on producer regarding financial resources. Thought behind personal production house is to compete with neighboring country regarding drama serials by improving quality and glamour. Our media is going to new way of progress. We cannot compare our channels with others. Now, there comes folds of channels and even people do not have time to watch every TV channel. That was time when roads became unpopulated at the time of airing on of drama serials like ‘Waris’ and ‘Tanhaiyan’ but now, best dramas also cannot get attention of most people.
After I am free, I prefer to spend my spare time with my family. I am fan of music since my childhood. Drama serial ‘Kallu’, ‘Boota from Toba Tek Singh’ and ‘Sheeshay ka Mehal’ is among my most popular serials. I am very much fond of travelling. Many times I visit to England, Scotland and Thailand after completing my serials consider acting as best source of gaining knowledge.
I am totally against any interruption in my personal life. I got many chances to perform in films which I denied with thanks. Last year, serial of Mehreen Jabbar ‘Raam Chand Pakistani’ was my first film. This story is based on truth in which a boy mistakenly goes to India by crossing the border. I have some terms and conditions by which I will decide whether I will go for films or not. My signing in film of Bollywood or Lollywood will depend on script and finance.”