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Pakistani Actresses Sehar Butt

“My real destination is big screen.” Said Sehar.
Actress Sehar Butt is the beautiful addition to world of acting. She started her career from stage drama “Channa Jhooti Mooti” in Al-Hamra Hall. Her acting was liked in her first stage drama. She was also offered to perform in other dramas in cast. Her popular dramas include Channa Jhooti Mooti, Chan Makhna,  Daku Chalay Susraal, Tum hi to ho, Aasmani Bijlian, Mangti, Mithian Sharartaan, and Chan Jian Surtaan. Sehar Butt is a model as well as she go abroad to perfoem in heritage shows. She worked in hard in stage dramas and up to now, she has performed in about dozen of stage dramas. She believes that theater is the best mean of learning acting. Her wish is that she will go to mini screen fro drama serials and then to her targeted large screen. Her favorite singers are Noor Jahan and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Her favorite actresses are Zeba Begum, Shameem Ara, Rani and Babra Shareef. She is also a fond of singing. Singing is included in her future plans.

Bushra Ansari Pakistani Actress & Drama Writer

“Among acting, singing, parody and comparing I like writing the most so as it also represents millions of other people.”
Bushra Ansari is the big name in acting. She attained many successes in many other disciplines of showbiz. She also have got President’s Pride of Performance award.
Like her skills, her personality is also marvelous. She has been mini screen for four decades and her numbers of fans are still increasing because that Bushra Ansari knows how to change with time. Due to her naughty actions, charming personality and extreme beauty, she is popular among viewers of all the ages. Recently, people liked her character of Saima Chaudhary in drama serial “Doolo Ki aye Gi Baraat”. In this serial, her role was of a proud woman, which she made more interesting with her excellent acting. She has also performed as many serious characters. But people like her as funny characters.
Bushra Ansari started her career from the TV program “Kaliyan”. This was the program for children but it became equally popular among people of all ages. Her character in “Kalian” was a childish girl. After when she moved to Karachi from Lahore, her acting groomed and she performed in drama serial “Emergency Ward”. Her role in Emergency Ward was as a nurse. She performed in stage show “Shosha” written by Anwar Maqsood. Her character in “Shosha” was “Bijli”. This character captured acting of Bushra Ansari in the heart of viewers for long run. Bushra Ansari says that this character is her symbol and cause of her popularity. She says, “ I myself become wonder when I go to abroad and people ask me to perform as “Bijli”.”
Bushra Ansari spread colors of fun and kidding inmost popular comedy show of PTV history, “Fifty Fifty”. Similarly “Angan Terha”  is the drama serial decorated by her acting, in which she performed with actor Slaeem Nasir (late) and actor Shakeel as a fighter wife.
Some of her serials in which Bushra Ansari performed serious roles are Neeli Dhoop, Makan, Raj Hansani, Kuch Dil Ne Kaha and many more. In tragedy acting, her expressions of face and body language act as excellent communication. Bushra never left any role from young to old and grandmother role.
Some years ago, Bushra Ansari started drama writing. Her first written drama serial was “Neeli Dhoop” in which she enlightened sensitive problem of marriage of women whose husbands are died.
After that, she wrote drama “Anokha Ladla” in which a single brother of five sisters “Teepu” was represented as a frightened role. Role of teepu was done by Shadood Alvi. This drama serial is still in the memories of people. Some years ago, a drama serial which she wrote “Kuch Dil Ne Kaha” gain popularity among people. She wrote this drama on the problems of life after marriage. In this serial, Bushra Ansari act against Indian Actor Kanwal Jeet. Recently the drama serials written by the assistance of Bushra Ansari, “Doli Ki Aye Gi Barat” and “Dil Hai Choota Sa” were liked by people.
Bushra Ansari is also a compare. Any show in which Bushra Ansari role as a compare becomes popular by her excellent comparing abilities.

Meera Ansari

Bushra Ansari

Bushra Ansari became married in the beginning of her career with a producer Sir Iqbal. She has two daughters, both of them are married. She is grandmother of her grandchildren. Husband of Bushra Ansari is a producer while Bushra Ansari is a writer. Both husband and wife have worked together in many projects. She told that Iqbal said her to write drama serials and her first drama serial “Neeli Dhoop” was directed by her husband Iqbal. She says that her husband encourages her but never praise openly. She says that she is happy with her career of acting, writing, comparing and singing. She likes drama writing the most.   

Pakistan Showbiz Review 2010

Year 2010 has passed with its sweet and bitter memories. With reference to showbiz, this year was not proof a good year. This year was full of scandals and disappointments in field of showbiz. During this year, 16 Pakistani movies were released. in which there are 10 Punjabi movies and 6 Pushtu films. It cannot released a single Urdu film throughout the year.  Only three music albums released in 2010, but not a single song became hit. However song of Indian film 'Dabang', named 'Munni Badnaam Hui Darling Teray Liye' has created the records of fame. In Pakistan, during this year, film making was very low. Films relesed in 2010 in Pakistan were Channa Sachi Muchi, Haseena 20 20, Lado Rani, Taxi no. 707, Haseenu ka Mela, Wohti Le k Jani Ay, Phool aur Kantay, Jabrootay Nizaam and Alyasa Gujjar.
Producer of the film Channa Sachi Muchi is Ajaz Bajwa and costs are Moamer Rana, Hina Shaheen and Saima. Producer of 'Haseena 20 20' is Khurram Idrees Bhatti, cost include Ahmad Butt and Nida Chaudhary. Producer of Lado Rani is Masood Butt, casts are Nargis, Shan, Moamer Rana and Sila Hussain. Film Taxi no. 707 is produced by M. Razzaq and director is Waseem Hassan. Cast of this film include Ahmad Butt and Nida Chaudhary. Producer of movie Haseenu ka Mela is Mian Khalid Feroz  and director is Sngeeta. In cost, there include Moamer Rana, Sana, Meera and Rainbow. Producer of Wohti Lay k Jani Ay is produced by Syed Noor where as in cast, there include Saima, Shan, Iftikhar Thakur and Amanat Chan. Producer of film Phool aur Kaantay is Ashfaq Chaudhary and cost includes Sana and Ashfaq. Producer of Janrootay Nizam is Maqsood Ahmad and director os Imdad Malik. Cost includes Shafqat Chaudhay. Producer of numberdaarni is Ch. Arif Ali and director is masood Butt. Cast include Nargis, Shan, Meera, Hadiqa Kiani and Afshan Abbas.
With reference to radio Pakistan, this year was not good, It was declared that salary of the servants of radio Pakistan is increased but in spite of strikes and rally, this was not implemented throughout the year. Due to shortening of funds, new programs could not be started as well as many other running programs were shut down due to insufficient funds.

Veena Malik Scandal in Big Boss 4
In this year, Yousaf Baig Mirza was posted as managing director of PTV whereas Arshad Khan was appointed as program manger in Lahore Center. Senior producer of PTV Shahid Chughtai retired in this year. This year, semi-government channel ATV inaugurated two new chaneels 'ALite' and 'A Plus'.
With respect to theater, this year was a successful year. Producers of theater earned much from stage dramas. This year, popular personality Irfan Khosat produced a stage drama named 'Manngti' which became popular among people of Pakistan. People liked performance of Nargis, Meegha, Wasim Vicky, Iftikhar Thakur, Anjum Shahzadi, Sardar Kamal and Tariq Tady. A cinema hall was converted to theater in Faisalabad. Youth Festival organized by rafi peer theater became popular.
Noor Pakistani Actress
This year, work in film industry of Pakistan was negligible but many scandals also came to the screen. Scandal of Meera and Sheikh Atiq-ul-Rehman was popular. Shiekh Atiq-ul-Rehman was keep declaring this marriage but Meera kept denying this. Atiq-ul-Reman also said that e gave his house to Meera and she is not giving me this home back. When this scandal became less popular, another scandal came to the screen which was known as cricketer Asif and Veena Malik marriage Scandal. Both past friends comes to the gate of police stations and courts. After this scandal,a citizen of Sialkot claimed on Meera that he gave her 1.5 crore Rupees and now he want the money back. Reema denied this claim. After that Pakistani actress Noor and a drama director Farooq Mengal marriage scandal raised. First Noor was denying that she didn't married with him but then she herself went to court for divorce. Also actress Veema Malik went to India To perform in Big Boss 4 and faced serious critisism because of her bad acts in the program. in this year, Indian TV channels were banned. But some cable operators were showing the Indian programs by hiding the names of TV channels. In year 2010, two parts of cable association became united. Punjab government left the entertainment tax in cinemas and prime minister of Pakistan promised to donate 500 thousands for film industry of Pakistan which are not received yet. Two associations of films named United Film Association and Film Federation of Pakistan came to existance this year. This year, performers of theater Irfan Khosat, Aurnazaib Laghari, Iftikhar Thakur, Jawad Wasim, Deedar, Saima Khan, Roobi Anam and Bakhtawar went for Hajj.
Flood also destroyed hundreds of villages and cities this year. Many models, actors and singers raised funding for relief of flood victims. Abrar-ul-Haq also raised donations for flood victims. Pakistani actress Resham sent two trucks loaded with relief goods to flood affected area.
Sadly, many of the film stars, actors and singers died this year. Film star Chakori, actor Sharjeel Anjum, film-star Saloni, actor Bilal Khan, make up man Munna, film writer and producer Gafeez Ahmad died this year. Whereas son of Pakistani actor Jamil Fakhri named Ali Ayaz Fakhri was murdered in America.

Son of actor Jamil Fakhri Murdered in America
Bilal Khan Died in Islamabad in 14 August 2010
Chakori Died in Lahore in 2010

Vaneeza Ahmed, Pakistani Model and Actress

"I keep the faith to move ahead in life" said Vaneeza ahmed. Now want to come in field of direction.
Vaneeza Ahmad born in june 29 1971 in Muree.
Vaneeza Ahmad is the super name of  modeling and acting world. Good height, sensible beaty and smartness has brought dignity to her personality, which differ her from other Pakistani models. After gaining peaks in the world of modeling, Vaneeza Ahmad came to the field of acting and proof the concept wrong that a model cannot be a good actress. Vaneeza Ahmad performed excellent in drama serials Janay Anjany, Tera Saya, Baichain, Tun He to Ho, Aik Mohabbat He Kafi Hai, Sehr kay Sehr May and Tere Siwa.
Another good point of her personality is her deep interest in the field of business. Few years ago, she introduced a brand of lawn and to promote her business, she attained a good business strategy.
Vaneeza lived her childhood in Germany where her father and mother were settled. Their desire was to see Vaneeza as a doctor. Therefor, they sent Vaneeza to Pakistan where she did her intermediate. But she was not able to get admission in medical college. So she got admission in kinnaird college. She actively participated in college functions, at that time, a dress designer Nelofer Shahid offered her for modeling, and made photo shots from a famous fashion photographer. Similarly Vaneeza Ahmad entered the world of modeling as a hobby. In Pakistan there were only few personalities as a female models in which Iraj Manzoor was a famous name. Vaneeza found vacant space in this field and by her unique and professional view, she got peak fame in Pakistani models. In fashion shows, she models the eastern dresses with professional manner. As well as she looks gorgeous in western dresses. During those early days of fame, friendship of Vaneeza and a singer Ali Azmat bacame popular. Both worked together in drama serial 'Janay Anjany'. However after working together for some time, they get separated. Vaneeza Ahmad, now consider this a happen of past and says that she has a faith on going ahead and see the next destination of her life. Due to this faith, she got many successes. Presently, she got married with American settelled businessman. But she didn't leave the relation with showbiz.
Vaneeza started the acting as challenge. After coming to modeling, she thought that she have to live in modeling so she should get full benefit from her abilities. Vaneeza was getting offers for acting but she was also being told that a model cannot be a good actress, so she attained this field of acting aas a challenge. Her first serial was 'KAL'. In this controverse serial, performance of Vaneeza was good but not excellent; but with the passage of time, her abilities were polished and she got more and more fame. Vaneeza also got offer in serial 'Mann-O-Salwa' but she was not satisfy from the role given to her. So she denied this offer. But Sultana Siddique convinced her to accept this offer. The reason Vaneeza Ahmad denied this offer was the role in which an actress use unfair means to get success which Vaneeza disliked. But after working in that serial, she was praised  by the people. Vaneeza liked her character of serial 'Khamoshian' which was about psychological complexities. Due to her personality, Vaneeza is given glamorous roles. She has worked in many drama serials as model and actress.

Style 360 is a fashion channel of Pakistan and she is working in this channel with famous and experienced photographers to promote local fashion. You can say that Vaneeza Ahmad is the back bone style 360 channel. Besides modeling, fashion production and business, busy Vaneeza is thinking to do more. She wants to try her luck in direction field. She is inspired with female models who are successful directors; Marina Khan, Misbaj Khalid and Rubina Ashraf who made the good dramas. Her this plan is very natural because direction is closly related to modeling and acting field.
Here are given some photos of Vaneeza Ahmad;

Aysha Khan, Pakistani Actress

Aysha Khan (Aisha Khan) IS the most talented, beautiful, talented, devoted, young and handsome Pakistani actress. Aysha Khan was born in september 27, 1982. She is 29 years old in 2011. She is personally my favorite Pakistani actress.
Aysha Khan started her career in drama serials of ATV and PTV drama serial 'Mehndi' where she roled as sajjal opposite to humayun saeed. You can say it her good luck to get this role because due to this role, she got fame via national television channel PTV, throughout the Pakistan. 'Mehndi' was produced by evernew productions , directed by Javed Fazil.
Aysha Khan (Aisha Khan) started her carrer just after completion of her graduation. She worked mostly in private TV channels of Pakistan. Her another famous drama serial of private TV channel is 'Mane Na Ye Dil'. She acted in this serial as Roshini opposite to Faisal Qureshi.
Her famous drama serials are Muqdas, Meri Adhoori Mohabbat, Tum Yehi Kehna, Vasl, Bol Meri Machli, Khuda Zameen Se Gia Nahi, Maasi aur Malika, Woh Rishtay Woh Naatay, Mujhe Apna Bana Lo, Chaar Chaand, Mehmaan, Man-o-salwa, Doosri Aurat, Mehndi and Deewan-e-Khas.

Many beautiful and amazing pictures of Aysha Khan are given in this post.

Kaisa Yeh Junoon Title Photo

Madiha Iftikhar Pakistani actress

Madiha Iftikhar is a new and taller Pakistani actress. She was born in February 5, 1985 in Islamabad. Her father's name is Iftikhar Ahmed and mother's name is Rehana Iftikhar. She is new to showbiz and acting industry in Pakistan. Her famous drama serials are; pappu, ishq ki inteha, sarkar sahab, Kaisa Yeh Junoon, Tujhi Pe Qurban and many more.

Sadia Imam, Picture with Aliya Imam

Sadia Imam, Pakistani actress

Sadia Imam is a Pakistani actress. She is relating to showbiz and acting field in Pakistan since early 1990s.
Sadia Imam was born in Islamabad, date of birth is 1979 (age 31 years in 2010). She came to showbiz and acting industry due to her sister named, Alia Imam. She is a Model, actress as well as work in different commercials. She married in 2005. Her husband is Australian citizen.. Now a days she is acting mostly in private TV channels as well as government TV channel, PTV. Some of her famous drama serials are; Uljhan, Tapish, Adha Chehra, Hum Se Juda Na Hona, Jab Jab Dil Milay, Dohri, Angan Bhar Chandani, Rani Beti Raaj Karay, Ijazat, Mere Naseeb Main Barishain, Dil Dard Dhuan, Colony 52, Koong, Kachi Neend K Khawab.

Meera Beautiful Pakistani Actress

Meera Pakistani Actress

Meera (also called Irtiza Rubab) is a Pakistani actress. She is one of the famous actresses in Pakistan. She was born in Lahore. Her father’s name is Syed Mohammad Sarwar Shah and mother’s name is Syeda Shafqat Zahra Bukhari. Meera’s siblings are Murtaza, Aqsa, Ahsan, Syeda and Hussain. She was born in religious family and then her family moved to Kashmir and there, she passed primary class. Her father was architect there. After that they moved to Shiekhupura. After some years, they had to move to Sargodha because her father appointed there as magistrate. Meera was very much fond of acting that’s why she put a step towards showbiz in early childhood. Till 1994, she worked in commercials and as model. In early years, she worked in advertising programs and soon she got chance in TV as actress. She got role in some dramas and then her carrier to destination of ‘Big Screen’ started and then she soon. She worked in about 200 Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi films. Now she is considered as most beautiful and senior actresses of Pakistani film industry. No doubt meera is some of the talented film actresses of Pakistan who gave support to falling film industry in Pakistan. She also worked in Bollywood besides Lollywood. She went to India for her project “Nazar”. Due to some of the scenes of ‘nazar’ meera was criticized in Pakistan. Meera also faced many problems due this scandal. She was received death threats in Pakistan but prime minister of that time Shaukat Aziz promised that meera will be provide by proper security. Meera also keep admiring that she is actress and she didn’t do anything wrong. However she has won more than 10 best actresses awards in Pakistan. She also worked in dubai in commercials. People belonging to showbiz in India consider meera as a talented actress of Pakistan.
Meera is also supervising the welfare trust named after her mother. Her trust consist of a school, shelter homes for needy women and a hospital in large piece of land.

Karachi Fashion Week 2010 Photos

Karachi Fashion Week 2010 Pictures

This event held in PC (Pearl Continental) hotel. Many celebrities related to showbiz industry in Pakistan were invited in this event. Model were looking very charming.

Nadia Hussain performed very good in this event. Iraj Manzoor was one of the charming models. Models cat walked with the beat of music and amused the audiance with their performance.

Karachi Fashion Week 2010 Pictures

Here is displaced the large collection of Fashion week in Karachi held in 2010. Many popular celebrities from Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad participated in this event while a number of dresses were showed by famous fashion designers.

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando

He has worked in "A street car named desire" with wevan lia.

Marlon Brando in Photos

Marlon Brando appeared in screen in younger age and became popular.

Karachi Fashion Show

Karachi Fashion Week 2010

پاکستان کے سب سے بڑے شہر کراچی میں پاکستان فیشن ڈیزائن کونسل سن سلک فیشن ویک جاری ہے جس میں چالیس مختلف ڈیزائنرز کے ملبوسات پیش کیے جا رہے ہیں۔ یہ فیشن ویک ایک خیراتی شو ہو گا جس کا نامہے
 ’ Fashion Gives Back‘۔