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Pakistan Showbiz Review 2010

Year 2010 has passed with its sweet and bitter memories. With reference to showbiz, this year was not proof a good year. This year was full of scandals and disappointments in field of showbiz. During this year, 16 Pakistani movies were released. in which there are 10 Punjabi movies and 6 Pushtu films. It cannot released a single Urdu film throughout the year.  Only three music albums released in 2010, but not a single song became hit. However song of Indian film 'Dabang', named 'Munni Badnaam Hui Darling Teray Liye' has created the records of fame. In Pakistan, during this year, film making was very low. Films relesed in 2010 in Pakistan were Channa Sachi Muchi, Haseena 20 20, Lado Rani, Taxi no. 707, Haseenu ka Mela, Wohti Le k Jani Ay, Phool aur Kantay, Jabrootay Nizaam and Alyasa Gujjar.
Producer of the film Channa Sachi Muchi is Ajaz Bajwa and costs are Moamer Rana, Hina Shaheen and Saima. Producer of 'Haseena 20 20' is Khurram Idrees Bhatti, cost include Ahmad Butt and Nida Chaudhary. Producer of Lado Rani is Masood Butt, casts are Nargis, Shan, Moamer Rana and Sila Hussain. Film Taxi no. 707 is produced by M. Razzaq and director is Waseem Hassan. Cast of this film include Ahmad Butt and Nida Chaudhary. Producer of movie Haseenu ka Mela is Mian Khalid Feroz  and director is Sngeeta. In cost, there include Moamer Rana, Sana, Meera and Rainbow. Producer of Wohti Lay k Jani Ay is produced by Syed Noor where as in cast, there include Saima, Shan, Iftikhar Thakur and Amanat Chan. Producer of film Phool aur Kaantay is Ashfaq Chaudhary and cost includes Sana and Ashfaq. Producer of Janrootay Nizam is Maqsood Ahmad and director os Imdad Malik. Cost includes Shafqat Chaudhay. Producer of numberdaarni is Ch. Arif Ali and director is masood Butt. Cast include Nargis, Shan, Meera, Hadiqa Kiani and Afshan Abbas.
With reference to radio Pakistan, this year was not good, It was declared that salary of the servants of radio Pakistan is increased but in spite of strikes and rally, this was not implemented throughout the year. Due to shortening of funds, new programs could not be started as well as many other running programs were shut down due to insufficient funds.

Veena Malik Scandal in Big Boss 4
In this year, Yousaf Baig Mirza was posted as managing director of PTV whereas Arshad Khan was appointed as program manger in Lahore Center. Senior producer of PTV Shahid Chughtai retired in this year. This year, semi-government channel ATV inaugurated two new chaneels 'ALite' and 'A Plus'.
With respect to theater, this year was a successful year. Producers of theater earned much from stage dramas. This year, popular personality Irfan Khosat produced a stage drama named 'Manngti' which became popular among people of Pakistan. People liked performance of Nargis, Meegha, Wasim Vicky, Iftikhar Thakur, Anjum Shahzadi, Sardar Kamal and Tariq Tady. A cinema hall was converted to theater in Faisalabad. Youth Festival organized by rafi peer theater became popular.
Noor Pakistani Actress
This year, work in film industry of Pakistan was negligible but many scandals also came to the screen. Scandal of Meera and Sheikh Atiq-ul-Rehman was popular. Shiekh Atiq-ul-Rehman was keep declaring this marriage but Meera kept denying this. Atiq-ul-Reman also said that e gave his house to Meera and she is not giving me this home back. When this scandal became less popular, another scandal came to the screen which was known as cricketer Asif and Veena Malik marriage Scandal. Both past friends comes to the gate of police stations and courts. After this scandal,a citizen of Sialkot claimed on Meera that he gave her 1.5 crore Rupees and now he want the money back. Reema denied this claim. After that Pakistani actress Noor and a drama director Farooq Mengal marriage scandal raised. First Noor was denying that she didn't married with him but then she herself went to court for divorce. Also actress Veema Malik went to India To perform in Big Boss 4 and faced serious critisism because of her bad acts in the program. in this year, Indian TV channels were banned. But some cable operators were showing the Indian programs by hiding the names of TV channels. In year 2010, two parts of cable association became united. Punjab government left the entertainment tax in cinemas and prime minister of Pakistan promised to donate 500 thousands for film industry of Pakistan which are not received yet. Two associations of films named United Film Association and Film Federation of Pakistan came to existance this year. This year, performers of theater Irfan Khosat, Aurnazaib Laghari, Iftikhar Thakur, Jawad Wasim, Deedar, Saima Khan, Roobi Anam and Bakhtawar went for Hajj.
Flood also destroyed hundreds of villages and cities this year. Many models, actors and singers raised funding for relief of flood victims. Abrar-ul-Haq also raised donations for flood victims. Pakistani actress Resham sent two trucks loaded with relief goods to flood affected area.
Sadly, many of the film stars, actors and singers died this year. Film star Chakori, actor Sharjeel Anjum, film-star Saloni, actor Bilal Khan, make up man Munna, film writer and producer Gafeez Ahmad died this year. Whereas son of Pakistani actor Jamil Fakhri named Ali Ayaz Fakhri was murdered in America.

Son of actor Jamil Fakhri Murdered in America
Bilal Khan Died in Islamabad in 14 August 2010
Chakori Died in Lahore in 2010


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