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National Flag of Pakistan

Pakistani flag was initiated by the flag which was hoisted in Dhaka in Bangladesh when the meeting of many Muslim political parties was going on. This flag was accepted by all the political parties who were in favor of Pakistan. It was accepted in 11th august 1947 when British government was in favor of separating Muslims and Hindus in two countries. A meeting was held in order to finalize the flag as national flag. Liquat Ali Khan showed this flag in constituent assembly and after that. It was approved by the president. Liaqat Ali Khan also requested all parties to not use this flag as single political party flag.
Flag of Pakistan is dark green in color with white vertical strip, crescent at the centre with the star inside this crescent.
Before Second World War, Muslims and Hindus lived together. But after leaving of British Empire from sub-continent, it was inevitable to for Muslims and Hindus to live separately in different countries I.e. India and Pakistan because of some unavoidable circumstances.
A large number of Muslims make political party named “all India Muslim League” to defend the rights of Muslims in India. Flag of this political party was background with white crescent and a star at centre. This flag afterwards leads to be flag of Pakistan after little amendment.
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