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Meera Pakistani Actress

Meera (also called Irtiza Rubab) is a Pakistani actress. She is one of the famous actresses in Pakistan. She was born in Lahore. Her father’s name is Syed Mohammad Sarwar Shah and mother’s name is Syeda Shafqat Zahra Bukhari. Meera’s siblings are Murtaza, Aqsa, Ahsan, Syeda and Hussain. She was born in religious family and then her family moved to Kashmir and there, she passed primary class. Her father was architect there. After that they moved to Shiekhupura. After some years, they had to move to Sargodha because her father appointed there as magistrate. Meera was very much fond of acting that’s why she put a step towards showbiz in early childhood. Till 1994, she worked in commercials and as model. In early years, she worked in advertising programs and soon she got chance in TV as actress. She got role in some dramas and then her carrier to destination of ‘Big Screen’ started and then she soon. She worked in about 200 Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi films. Now she is considered as most beautiful and senior actresses of Pakistani film industry. No doubt meera is some of the talented film actresses of Pakistan who gave support to falling film industry in Pakistan. She also worked in Bollywood besides Lollywood. She went to India for her project “Nazar”. Due to some of the scenes of ‘nazar’ meera was criticized in Pakistan. Meera also faced many problems due this scandal. She was received death threats in Pakistan but prime minister of that time Shaukat Aziz promised that meera will be provide by proper security. Meera also keep admiring that she is actress and she didn’t do anything wrong. However she has won more than 10 best actresses awards in Pakistan. She also worked in dubai in commercials. People belonging to showbiz in India consider meera as a talented actress of Pakistan.
Meera is also supervising the welfare trust named after her mother. Her trust consist of a school, shelter homes for needy women and a hospital in large piece of land.


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